Within Temptation Plan To Release More Music Soon

Sharon den Adel says Within Temptation are planning on releasing more new material in the coming months.

Within Temptation Plan To Release More Music Soon

Less than a month after the release of their latest single Entertain You (with the accompanying video being premiered by Kerrang! earlier this week), Within Temptation have teased that more new music could be on the way soon.

In a new interview with Anne Erickson of Audio Ink Radio, vocalist Sharon den Adel is asked if the band plan to release anything new before the coronavirus pandemic is over, to which she responds, "I think so. That’s our plan, anyway. We’ve only recorded two songs and have a lot of of the demos, which are very far, so we can finish them quite quickly."

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Explaining how this material could tie into a potential new album – the follow-up to the band’s 4K-rated album Resist – Sharon continues, "We’re going to start with that and make those demos real songs, and eventually next year, we’re going to release a few new songs again. Eventually there will be a new album, but the album isn’t complete yet, so we have to start writing some extra new songs to make the album complete."

It's a release structure that Sharon elaborated on in a recent interview with Kerrang!, too, explaining that Entertain You is the first of three standalone singles.

“It’s something we’ve wanted to try for a long time already: to be able to share new music in a quicker way, instead of having wait two or three more years before an album comes out," she explained. "Something sometimes feels better in the moment rather than having to wait a few years until the album comes out.”

As for Sharon's take on if albums have maybe lost some of their impact in a world of streaming, the singer says, “I think albums and streaming services are two different things; they serve a different purpose. One is more physical of course – you can read the lyrics and look at the artwork – and the other one is more direct, an easier way to access music. It doesn’t have to stand in the way of each other, as it services a different purpose in my opinion.”

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