13 Bands You Need To Know In 2019

2019 is going to be a killer year for new music. Here are some of the bands you need to know...

13 Bands You Need To Know In 2019

The world might be sleepily feeling its way into the new year, but under the surface a rock revolution is bubbling. Allow us to introduce you to the break-out bands primed to blow and set 2019 ablaze.


Who: Theresa Jarvis (vocals), George Edwards (guitar), Alex Crosby (bass/keys) and Robert Mason (drums).

What: Ballsy and inspirational alt.rock, heavy on riffs, from the not-so-sunny South Coast.

2019 Will Be Their Year Because: They’ve decided it will be, whatever it takes. Expect their debut record and plenty of ferocious live shows, including an appearance at this year’s All Points East festival in May.

For Fans Of: Royal Blood, Marmozets, PVRIS.

Check Out: Their latest, 4K-rated EP Creature.

More Info: WeAreYonaka.com

The Regrettes

Who: Lydia Night (vocals/guitar), Genessa Gariano (guitar), Drew Thomsen (drums).

What: A sassy, hook-laden, modern take on riot grrrl punk.

2019 Will Be Their Year Because: They’re a unique prospect in a world full of copyists.

For Fans Of: Charly Bliss, Bully, Sleater-Kinney.

Check Out: Recent single Poor Boy, available through Warner Bros.

More Info: TheRegrettes.com


Who: Cole Becker (vocals/guitar), Max Becker (vocals/guitar), Joey Armstrong (drums), Seb Mueller (bass).

What: Oakland punks on a mission to save the world, one song at a time.

2019 Will Be Their Year Because: They’ve got substance, self-belief and badass new album Berkeley’s On Fire out on February 15 through Fueled By Ramen.

For Fans Of: The Ramones, Waterparks, Trophy Eyes.

Check Out: The riotous (literally) video for Berkeley’s On Fire.

More Info: Swmrs.com

Press Club

Who: Natalie Foster (vocals), Greg Rietwyk (guitar), Iain MacRae (bass), Frank Lees (drums).

What: A splendidly punky quartet with lots of depth and heart.

2019 Will Be Their Year Because: They’re bringing their frenetic energy outside of Australia for the first time.

For Fans Of: Japandroids, Camp Cope, Sløtface.

Check Out: New album Late Teens, available on Hassle Records on January 25.

More Info: PressClubMusic.com

Jesus Piece

Who: Aaron Heard (vocals), David Updike (guitar), John DiStefano (guitar), Anthony Marinaro (bass), Luis Aponte (drums).

What: Crushing, relentless metalcore.

2019 Will Be Their Year Because: If Code Orange paved the way, this lot are forging whole new paths.

For Fans Of: Code Orange, Twitching Tongues, END.

Check Out: Debut album Only Self, available now on Southern Lord.

More Info: JesusPieceHC.bandcamp.com


Who: Lauren Kashan (vocals), Lance Donati (guitar), Keith Higgins (guitar), Phil Rasinski (bass), Conor Mac (drums).

What: Rabid metalcore collective refracting progressive politics through an oddball palaeontological lens.

2019 Will Be Their Year Because: Voices for acceptance and inclusivity – particularly within extreme music – are ever more invaluable.

For Fans Of: Every Time I Die, Stick To Your Guns, Stray From The Path.

Check Out: The gnashing feminist metalcore of 2017 debut LP Clever Girl.

More Info: Facebook.com/SharptoothMD

Cold Years

Who: Ross Gordon (vocals/guitar), Finlay Urquhart (guitar), Louis Craighead (bass), Fraser Allane (drums).

What: No-frills Scottish rock laying it all on the line.

2019 Will Be Their Year Because: There’s a gap in the market for a new British band with the chops and a fresh take on classic rock tropes.

For Fans Of: The Xcerts, Lucero, The Gaslight Anthem.

Check Out: Recent EP, Northern Blue.

More Info: Facebook.com/ColdYearsBand

Teenage Wrist

Who: Kamtin Mohager (vocals/bass), Marshall Gallagher (guitar/vocals), Anthony Salazar (drums).

What: LA alt.rockers sharpening up old- school shoegaze with a little contemporary cutting-edge.

2019 Will Be Their Year Because: Their mission to bring grungy anthems and shoegaze thrills back to the future is only just getting started.

For Fans Of: NOTHING, Slowdive, Cocteau Twins.

Check Out: Debut album Chrome Neon Jesus, available on Epitaph Records.

More Info: Facebook.com/TeenageWrist

Wicca Phase Springs Eternal

Who: Adam McIlwee (all instruments).

What: A collision of the occult, emo and hip-hop. Yup.

2019 Will Be His Year Because: Wicca Phase’s label debut and rigorous touring schedule for 2019 promise to see Adam taking things up a gear, bringing his morose brand of atmospheric emo-trap to a much-deserved wider audience.

For Fans Of: Salem, Lil Peep, Tigers Jaw.

Check Out: Forthcoming Suffer On album, available through Run For Cover on February 15.

More Info: WiccaPhase.Bandcamp.com


Who: Nikki Brumen (vocals), Dan Bonnici (bass), Xavier Santilli (guitar), Matt Marasco (drums).

What: Turbo-charged punk metal that sounds like the bastard offspring of Judas Priest and Michael Jackson.

2019 Will Be Their Year Because: They sound unlike anything else in 2019, with undeniable tunes and conviction to boot.

For Fans Of: Marmozets, Kvelertak, Svalbard.

Check Out: Their storming debut album, Black Wash.

More Info: Facebook.com/PaganCult666


Who: Dallon Weekes (vocals/bass), Ryan Seaman (drums).

What: A new band pretending to be a 30-year-old band bringing mystery and intrigue (and a whole load of ’80s-style chic) back into modern-day pop-rock.

2019 Will Be Their Year Because: Well, they’re returning to the UK to play Slam Dunk in May. But that debut record will finally be arriving at some point this year…

For Fans Of: Gerard Way, Panic! At The Disco, Waterparks, twenty one pilots.

Check Out: Their first-ever single, Modern Day Cain. Absolute banger.

More Info: Idkhow.com


Who: Jordan Benjamin (everything).

What: Politically-minded rock with a hip-hop inflection.

2019 Will Be His Year Because: With one EP already behind him, grandson has big plans both musically and politically in 2019.

For Fans Of: Rage Against The Machine, Lil Peep, twenty one pilots.

Check Out: Last summer’s debut EP, a modern tragedy vol.1.

More Info: Grandsonmusic.com


Who: Anthony DiDio (vocals), Matt Wood (drums), Jeremy Martin (guitar), Jon Lhaubouet (bass), Josh Butts (guitar).

What: Boston hardcore upstarts honouring the past and driving forwards.

2019 Will Be Their Year Because: They’ve got the raw materials and the never-say-die attitude to punch through the genre’s glass ceiling on to uncharted success.

For Fan Of: Converge, Code Orange, Deftones.

Check Out: Last year’s incredible Errorzone LP: 28 minutes of frazzled, thrilling fury.

More Info: Facebook.com/VeinMA

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