“I served Jamie Cullum a spring roll once…”: 13 Questions with Nova Twins

From salty cakes to lookalike ghosts, Amy Love and Georgia South of Nova Twins face our mysterious – and hilarious – 13 Questions…

“I served Jamie Cullum a spring roll once…”: 13 Questions with Nova Twins
Federica Burelli

Nova Twins are one of the best, most exciting young bands on the planet. We all know that. But what about the stuff you don’t know? We asked guitarist/vocalist Amy Love and bassist Georgia South to take our randomly-generated 13 Questions, to do some digging and find out some more out-there bits – and we absolutely weren’t disappointed with their thoughts on everything from painful injuries to getting kicked out of bars…

1Why should people listen to your new album, Supernova?

Amy: “If you want to be a superhero then listen to Supernova!”

Georgia: “For that main character energy and empowerment!”

2When you were kids, what did you want to be when you grew up?

Georgia: “I wanted to be a spy! I had all this spy gear when I was younger, walkie-talkies, binoculars – you name it. I used to hide in different rooms.”

Amy: “When I was five I wanted to be a vet, and I wanted to open a cat sanctuary. But then as I got a little older it was music all the way.”

Georgia: “Yeah, same for me.”

3What happens when we die?

Amy: “I think our energy goes somewhere else, like a parallel universe, and there are different plains and levels to your soul. So this life on Earth is one challenge and then you level up. That’s what I like to think…”

Georgia: “I think our spirits live on and everything is calm and completely what you wanted it to be.”

4Where is the best place you have ever been?

Both: “Lake Como!”

Amy: “We were on tour with YUNGBLUD and our tour manager said, ‘Look, we have half a day off,’ and we drove the hour-and-a-half trip from Milan and rented a little boat and took it out on the lake. It was absolutely beautiful.”

5When was the last time you vomited?

Georgia: “The last time I puked was at a friend’s birthday… I drank a lot of Don Julio [tequila]...”

Amy: “Mine was in LA, before our first show there! We ate a super-heavy, buttery Italian meal before the show and I threw up into the bin in the venue during soundcheck and then continued to do so all night… I somehow managed to get through the show without puking on everyone!”

6What is the worst injury you’ve ever suffered?

Amy: “I ran through patios doors when I was a kid and it wasn’t shatterproof glass so I ended up slicing my face, my nose, under my lip and my knee, and I had to have around 15 stitches. They tried to do it while I was awake and it was terrifying so they put me to sleep!”

Georgia: “When I was in nursery school, I got my finger caught under the wheel of a bike and all my skin was hanging off…”

7What is your biggest fear?

Georgia:Spiders! I once called Amy round to my house because there was this huge spider in my room and she had to come and get it out!”

Amy: “I don’t like bugs. But I also don’t like killing them, so I just get stuck in the room! Someone has to catch them and let them out nicely.”

8What is your worst habit?

Amy: “I bite my lip. I think I got it from my mum; she used to bite hers so when I was a kid I remember I used to copy it – and it’s very addictive. I find that now when I do it, and people are around me for long enough, they find themselves touching their lips and it becomes a habit. I also get it if I’m anxious or tired.”

Georgia: “Being on my phone late at night. I’ll stare at it for ages and then I can’t sleep.”

9What is the most disgusting thing you have ever eaten?

Amy: “We ate this super-salty dish in Italy the other day and it was the worst. We thought we were ordering a local delicacy and it was going to be delicious – we were wrong…”

Georgia: “I once tried to bake a cake. It said add salt in the recipe. I put way too much in there and it came out tasting like chips (laughs).”

10Have you ever seen a ghost?

Amy: “I feel like I saw my older self as a ghost when I was really young. I saw myself leave the room. I was pretty translucent and the ghost looked back at me and smiled… and left… It was very weird – it wasn’t a scary thing, though. I have other little weird things happen like turning the light switch off and then leaving the room and coming back in and it being on again… I did it a few times and it was horrible and I called out for my nan and then it never happened again.”

Georgia: “I haven’t seen any, but I don’t think all ghosts are evil.”

11What’s the worst job you’ve ever had?

Amy: “We were waitressing for this formal service company. Sometimes it would be fun – one dinner was at the zoo which was cool – but other times, especially when you were in really fancy places, people were just really rude to you and treated you like shit. They would give you some stinky old uniform that had been worn 1,000 times before and some random name tag with someone else’s name on it and you just had to get out there.”

Georgia: “You’d be at these five-star places and the cutlery would be dirty and they’d just flick off the dried food. I did serve Jamie Cullum a spring roll once…”

12Have you been kicked out of a bar?

Georgia: “I got kicked out because I was underage. We were booked to play a show – I must have been about 14 and they didn’t realise that we were all young, so I tried to hide so they wouldn’t find me. But eventually they kicked us all out.”

Amy: “I tried to forge my passport to get into a club and the bouncers totally saw it and I had to do the walk of shame!”

13If you had the power to turn off the internet, would you do it?

Georgia: “Yes.”

Amy: “You’d be the most unpopular person in the world…”

Georgia: “I say this because recently there was a huge power-cut and everything went down and I literally thought, ‘Oh my god, I’m always on my phone, I’m so reliant on the internet.’ I had a few hours to gather my thoughts and realised that we are all really deep in the world of the net.”

Amy: “I’d like to say yes, but some people are really reliant on it for business. But in a fantasy world I’d love to get rid of it and everyone just chat like normal people. If you could fact-check everything and get rid of the trolls the internet would be a great place!”

Supernova is released on June 17 via Marshall Records. Nova Twins tour the UK in November.

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