200 Stab Wounds announce new album Manual Manic Procedures

Listen to Hands Of Eternity, the new track from death metal savages’ 200 Stab Wounds’ new album Manual Manic Procedures.

200 Stab Wounds announce new album Manual Manic Procedures
Luke Morton
Bailey Olinger

One of the most talked about death metal bands in the scene right now, 200 Stab Wounds, have announced details of their second album Manual Manic Procedures.

Following 2021's lauded Slave To The Scalpel, the Cleveland crushers are set to return with a record more violent and bloodstained than ever – especially if the very graphic album cover is anything to go by.

“I'll feel what kind of vibe the song has, and what topic would fit for that particular song,” says frontman Steve Buhl about the album's gore-strewn lyrical content. “The last song on the new record, Parricide, is about someone going into a nursing home, and just blowing it up. The lyrics are about those type of corporations that don't really give a fuck about those people. It's all just a money grab.”

Speaking about new single Hands Of Eternity, Steve explains it's about the torment of being trapped in your own mind. “That song is a good example of where we want to go musically. The heavy riffs are there, but there's still a lot of good melody. It's not just crazy fucking blast beats and ‘riff riff riff.’ It's more structured, groovy, and melodic, but still heavy. That's one of my favourites.”

Manual Manic Procedures tracklist

1. Hands Of Eternity
2. Gross Abuse
3. Manual Manic Procedures
4. Release The Stench
5. Led To The Chamber/Liquified
6. Flesh From Within
7. Defiled Gestation
8. Ride the Flatline
9. Parricide

Manual Manic Procedures is released June 28 via Metal Blade.

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