AC/DC Hope Power Up Will Inspire Kids To Pick Up A Guitar

AC/DC frontman Brian Johnson hopes Power Up will inspire a new generation of six-stringers…

AC/DC Hope Power Up Will Inspire Kids To Pick Up A Guitar
Nick Ruskell

You’ve listened to AC/DC’s first two snippets off of Power Up, right? They’ve put out the whole things of Shot In The Dark, and a riff-tastic clip of Demon Fire. And what have we learned? Yes, the correct answer is: riffs.

What singer Brian Johnson hopes is that it has an influence on younger fans, making them want to pick up a guitar and riff for themselves. With Fender reporting their highest-ever sales this year, it looks like it’s dropping at just the right time.

“This album, I just want kids to listen to it, we all do, and just go out and say, ‘I wanna buy a guitar, I wanna be in a band,’” he told Loudwire. “I think we’ve accomplished something if that happens.”

On the enduring power of his band, and indeed, rock’n’roll, Brian put it down to always being there, but not always at the front of the mainstream.

"Being in rock 'n' roll... it's never been the genre that people ever listen to, they never took it seriously,” he said. “And I think it's time that stops because it is a very serious statement of music, and it has been for so long. I think now and again, you get big bursts of rock 'n' roll, and then you get people coming up and making silly statements like, 'Hey man, rock 'n' roll is dead.'"

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