Album review: Blanket – Ceremonia

Blackpool post-rockers Blanket up the grandeur on brilliant new LP, Ceremonia.

Album review: Blanket – Ceremonia
Jake Richardson

Blanket have always had a visionary air about them. Both of their previous albums – 2018’s How To Let Go and 2021’s Modern Escapism – conjured vast soundscapes that took the listener on a sonic and narrative journey. Ceremonia does that too, but this time, everything sounds sharper and more focussed, with its creators’ vast sonic palette sounding less experimental and more purposeful than previous efforts. They’ve consistently been a great band, but here is the best Blanket have ever sounded.

Ceremonia quickly establishes itself as the Blackpool quartet's most accessible album yet. Opener Nuclear Boy Scout comes armed with a piercing guitar that sounds positively huge, and it’s followed by a title-track that’s laden with a sophisticated groove. Porcelain – an atmospheric rocker of epic proportions – is another massive moment, while the driving alt.rock-meets-grunge of Euphoria also takes flight with a real sense of urgency.

Despite their appetite for complexity, though, Blanket also demonstrate an aptitude for a ‘less is more’ approach on Ceremonia. That’s best exemplified by A Sea Of Bliss, a gentle, moving song that’s prefaced earlier in the record by a short reprise consisting just of vocalist Bobby Pook and a piano. Musically, it’s such a simple track, but its heartfelt execution and its context within the album's wider sonic landscape make for a profound moment of serenity.

The cumulative result of all this good work is an album which serves as a celebration of the band's ever-growing artistic vision. Even for those not so familiar with the nuances of the post-rock and shoegaze roots Blanket have, this is an album you’ll want to get wrapped up in.

Verdict: 4/5

For fans of: Loathe, Slow Crush, Hum

Ceremonia is released on March 22 via Church Road

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