Album Review: Sepultura – Quadra

Sepultura continue to bring the heavy on rampaging 15th album, Quadra

Album Review: Sepultura – Quadra
Nick Ruskell

Pushing ever onward with the comforting reliability of an old Land Rover, on album number 15 Sepultura are still a snorting, muscular metal machine. Based around the idea of the Latin Quadrivium – the subjects of arithmetic, geometry, music and astronomy – Quadra is split into four sections, each showing a different side of the band.

The opening trio of Isolation, Means To An End and Last Time are raging, primal thrash attacks, sweaty and powered by testosterone, as Andreas Kisser unleashes some of his finest riffs in years. But then, things begin to grow. Tribal percussion, similar to that heard on their 1996 classic Roots, comes to the fore for Capital Enslavement, before the journey takes in choirs and strings, and ends up in a place of vastness for the final movements of the title-track, Agony Of Defeat and Fear; Pain; Chaos; Suffering.

After almost four decades in the game, it’s not just great that Seps are still on it, but also finding new ways to bring the heavy.

Verdict: 3/5

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