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Like it or not, here are 11 albums that wouldn’t exist without mind- and mood-altering substances…

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From broken bones to amputated toes, here are nine of rock music’s most hardcore injuries.

The News Black Sabbath Announce Vol 4: Super Deluxe Edition

Listen to Black Sabbath’s 2020 remaster of Tomorrow’s Dream, taken from their upcoming Vol 4: Super Deluxe Edition release.

The News Ozzy Osbourne Wins GQ Lifetime Achievement Award, Remembers That Time He Met The Queen

Ozzy’s won the same award as Prince Charles. So, naturally, it’s time to talk about meeting The Queen and smashing pianos…

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These 50 tracks – featuring the likes of Rammstein, Slipknot, Mayhem, Slayer and AC/DC – are pretty damn nasty.

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Public indecency, killer prostitutes, and a million corpses are among the best explanations for the names of some of your favourite bands…

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From Paramore to Slipknot to Tool, we look at the best back-to-back-to-back classic album triple-headers in the history of rock, punk, metal and beyond…

The News Geezer Butler: There "Definitely" Won't Be Any More Black Sabbath Gigs

Future Black Sabbath reunion shows are absolutely off the table, says Geezer Butler.

Features 12 Classic Songs That Happened By Accident

Not every hit single is carefully constructed in arduous writing sessions, some happen on the spur of the moment, as these dozen bands prove…

Features Geezer Butler's lost decade: "I nearly died"

The Black Sabbath legend on surviving the 90s, his solo career and, er, Cardi B’s WAP

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From haunted studios to summoning evil spirits, we investigate the supernatural and spooky events encountered by rock stars…

The News Black Sabbath’s Debut Album Cover Becomes Funko POP! Vinyl Figure

The woman on the cover of Black Sabbath’s debut has been immortalised in Funko POP! form.