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Features 18 album covers that were banned or censored

Avert your eyes! These rock and metal album covers have been banned or censored so they can no longer offend those with a weak disposition…

Features Every time the cast of Jackass showed up in music videos

From Johnny Knoxville to Steve‑O to Bam Margera and beyond, the Jackass crew have popped in quite a few music videos over the years… sometimes hurting themselves in the process

The News Jackass 4 Is Officially Coming in 2021

The pain arrives on March 52021.

The News CKY Announce Spring U.S. Tour Dates

Includes a date with Clutch, so get that liver transplant soon.

Features GALLERY: CKY, Slaves, Royal Thunder, and Awaken I Am Dominate In Brooklyn, NY

Photographer Jonathan Arevalo captures the madness of four badass bands converging at The Kingsland in Brooklyn, New York.


This year, after some personal health time in Estonia, Bam embarked on an extended skate trip to Spain and put together this footage.


We were lucky enough to get a day off to explore one of the best cities on earth with our friends…”


I’d try a haggis for Kerrang!…”