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The News Life Is Proud: Life Of Agony's Mina Caputo: “I don’t like being called transgender or transsexual… I’m a beautiful human being”

Pioneering Life Of Agony singer Mina Caputo opens up about letting go of the past, spirituality, and the Pride movement during the third instalment of Kerrang!’s Life Is Proud campaign.

Reviews Movie review: Life Of Agony – The Sound Of Scars

The harrowing, yet beautiful, story of New York hardcore legends Life Of Agony…

Features Mina Caputo: "I Have More Fearlessness Than A Billion F*cking Men"

Life Of Agony vocalist Mina Caputo reflects on years of turmoil and tragedy, and how her bravery in the face of it all has been an inspiration to all…

Features Rock and metal stars tell their favourite stories about Lemmy

On the anniversary of his death, members of Anthrax, GWAR, Life Of Agony, and more share what Lemmy meant to them.

The News Life Of Agony Release New Video For Lay Down

Watch Life Of Agony’s new video for Lay Down