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The News Slipknot announce Knotfest Finland with Nightwish, BMTH and more

Nightwish, Bring Me The Horizon, Arch Enemy and, of course, Slipknot, are among the first names for Knotfest Finland in 2022

Features "You have to be prepared to go 10 steps beyond": The magic of Nightwish's Once

With 2004’s Once, Tuomas Holopainen let his imagination run wild – and it turned Finnish symphonic metallers Nightwish into one of the biggest bands in Europe…

The News Updated: A round-up of all tours and events affected by coronavirus in 2021

Stay up-to-date on all cancelled and rescheduled tours, festivals and events this year.

Features The 20 greatest Nightwish songs – ranked

From Angels Fall First to Human. :||: Nature., we rank symphonic metal icons Nightwish’s most epic compositions…

The News Tuomas from Nightwish has revamped his old black metal band

The Nightwish mainman is preparing to release Darkwoods My Betrothed’s first album in 23 years.

Features The 17 greatest songs based on books

Inspiration can come in a variety of forms, and for many rock bands, it comes from the pages of a good book…

Features 13 line-up changes that gave bands a new lease of life

No matter how successful the rock recipe, sometimes that one extra ingredient can take it to another level…

Features 11 bands who single-handedly launched genres

Here are 11 bands whose genre of music didn’t exist until they started playing it…

Features 10 times rock and metal artists collaborated with classical musicians

Here are 10 examples of how rock and classical music can combine to create something beautiful.

The News Nightwish have rescheduled their 2021 UK/European tour

Nightwish’s already-postponed Human :II: Nature tour has been pushed back again due to coronavirus.

The News Nightwish bassist/co-vocalist Marko Hietala leaves the band

Marko Hietala has quit both Nightwish and his public life”, blaming disillusionment with the music industry and chronic depression.

Features 20 rock and metal songs to welcome in winter

From Woods Of Ypres to Weezer, we present the perfect soundtrack for the darkest evenings of the year…