The Latest Rammstein News, Video, Interviews and Features

The News Rammstein have recorded a brand-new album in lockdown

Keyboardist Christian Flake’ Lorenz confirms that Rammstein have recorded a new album that we hadn’t planned on”.

The News This is Metallica's Enter Sandman in the style of Rammstein

Rammstein would be taking you off to Nimmerland’ if they had written Metallica’s classic 1991 single Enter Sandman.

Features 12 songs about serial killers

From Ed Gein to Richard Ramirez, some of history’s most notorious serial killers have been immortalised in rock and metal songs

Features Rammstein's 10 most X-rated moments

Rammstein are no strangers to courting controversy. Here, we chart their most notorious, X‑rated misadventures…

Features 20 classic albums that are 20 years old in 2021

Relive the turn of the millennium with these 20 barnstorming records from 2001

The News Rammstein's Till Lindemann is selling a dildo in his new 'Doctor D*ck' online store

Rammstein frontman Till Lindemann has launched a new online store – featuring erotic merch, a golden shower’ drink and a dildo based on his microphone.

The News Till Lindemann Has Released Another Book For National Geographic

That’s right: the Rammstein frontman has made a second German language book for National Geographic…

Features The 50 most evil songs ever

These 50 tracks – featuring the likes of Rammstein, Slipknot, Mayhem, Slayer and AC/DC – are pretty damn nasty.

The News Rammstein Have Shared A New Video From The Studio

Good news, Rammstein fans: whatever they’re doing has got drums on it…

The News Rammstein Confirm Studio Return: "It’s Great To Be Back…"

Having cancelled all touring plans this year, Rammstein have returned to the studio to work on new music.

The News It Looks Like Rammstein Are Back In The Studio

According to reports, Rammstein are back in the studio where they recorded their 2019 Untitled LP.

The News This Rammstein x Justin Timberlake Mash-Up Is All Kinds Of Confusing

Rammstein’s Du Hast meets Justin Timberlake’s My Love… and yes, it’s just as strange as it sounds.