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The News Kerry King says Slayer quit too early: "I hate f*cking not playing"

Legendary Slayer guitarist Kerry King clearly has some regrets about the thrash titans calling it a day in 2019

Features 12 gruesome songs about serial killers

From the Zodiac Killer to Richard Ramirez, some of history’s most notorious serial killers have been immortalised in rock and metal songs…

Features Slayer's Reign In Blood is still the greatest thrash album of all time

Released on October 7, 1986, Slayer’s third album Reign In Blood is absolute perfection, 35 years on…

Features How God Hates Us All made Slayer great again

In 2001 Slayer re-established themselves as kings of metal with their church-baiting warcry God Hates Us All

Features 18 album covers that were banned or censored

Avert your eyes! These rock and metal album covers have been banned or censored so they can no longer offend those with a weak disposition…

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From Pink Floyd to Rammstein, these bands have seriously freaked out their fans…

The News New Zealand mum names her three kids Metallica, Slayer and Pantera

Stuck on baby names? Just call your kids after three of the biggest metal bands on the planet. Simple.

Features South Of Heaven is the album where Slayer became truly evil

On the anniversary of its release, we look at the album that earned Slayer their place in Hell.

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From Slipknot and Sum 41 to Tool and Tenacious D, we rank the greatest albums from the year 2001

Features Slayer: The stories behind 20 of their biggest songs

We dig deep into the history of the biggest songs on Slayer’s farewell setlist

Features 9 bizarre metal cover versions that actually happened

We can’t believe these covers of classic metal songs exist… but here they are!

Features 10 lesser known Slayer songs that everyone needs to hear

Raining Blood, South Of Heaven, Disciple… everyone knows the Slayer classics, but here we celebrate the bloodstained bangers that are criminally overlooked…