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The News Watch The Network's wild performance of Threat Level Midnight on Jimmy Fallon

The Network share a divine” (and chaotic) performance of Threat Level Midnight on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon.

The News The Network (who are absolutely not Green Day…) announce first performance since 2005

Secret Green Day side-project The Network will be playing on Jimmy Fallon this coming Friday.

The News The Network: We Gave Piers Morgan Rabies

Oddball masked six-piece The Network reveal what they’ve been up to between 2003 debut album Money Money 2020 and now.

Features The Network takeover! “We’ve always been the best at everything we do, even though we’re not very good at anything”

In a world exclusive, first interview, rock’s weirdest band commandeer Kerrang! to spread their gospel and spill the beans on the Earth being flat, giving Piers Morgan rabies, and those scurrilous Green Day rumours

The News Green Day's Secret Side-Project The Network Release New EP, Announce Money Money 2020 Part II

Listen to Trans Am, the new four-track EP by Green Da… sorry, The Network.

Features Who The Hell Are The Network?

The Network are back… but who are they? Some claim it has something to do with Green Day, but Billie Joe is denying everything. We try to get to the bottom of this 17-year-old mystery.

The News The Network (Definitely Not Green Day) Have Released A New Song

The Network (aka the band who are definitely not Green Day dressed up) released We Told You So on Instagram…