Awsten Knight teases new Waterparks music

Surprise! New Waterparks is seemingly on the way, according to frontman Awsten Knight…

Awsten Knight teases new Waterparks music
Emily Carter

Yesterday (January 17), Waterparks' Awsten Knight celebrated his 30th birthday by going to the DMV to renew his license (and updating his hilarious 2015 'naked' photo), but that's not all he got up to – the frontman also teased that new music is on the way.

After sharing his DMV adventure, Awsten took to his Instagram stories (see below) to encourage fans to pre-save "something something".

"Pre-save posts are also annoying and u don't gotta do shit u don't wanna do," he added. "But would also be cute if u did either way."

Clicking on the pre-save link takes you to all the usual streaming outlets like Spotify and Apple Music – though there's no indication yet of a release date, and whether or not this might be a single or something more. Watch this space!

This will be the band's first new music since their excellent Greatest Hits record (one of our favourite albums of 2021).

Speaking to Kerrang! last year about his approach to Greatest Hits – and new Waterparks music in general – Awsten explained: “I always want to make something different than before. If I tried to make [previous album] FANDOM again, it wouldn’t work, and people wouldn’t like it as much. You’re not gonna beat what you’ve already done for somebody – you’re not going to be able to recreate the same thing and have it have the same effect. It’s like when you see bands who do a lot of the 10-year tours: it feels like they’re trying to recapture that first album all the time, and you’re never gonna get that. One, it’s a cultural moment, so that’s totally out of your hands. And two, everybody that loves it found it at a certain time – when they’re more susceptible to new things. The strongest thing that you will almost never beat is their nostalgia for it. It’s such a powerful and poisonous thing for art.”

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