Axeslasher's New Track Will Make You Piss Your Halloween Costume

Exclusive: The latest from Denver pizza-metallers Axeslasher is horror-drenched death-thrash at its finest.

Axeslasher's New Track Will Make You Piss Your Halloween Costume

While "pizza thrash" has become a more widespread concept in recent history, the esoteric kings of that trashy genre will always be Axeslasher. Since the release of 2013's Mark Of The Pizzagram, the Denver-based horror-metal outfit have acted as the soundtrack to every snack-gruffling beer-swilling pregame hosted by dudes with Leatherface tattoos. It's this sort of single-minded dedication to sticky-fingered mayhem that got their music used as the credits song in the 2015 metal horror comedy Deathgasm. Now, Professor Pizza and his masked crew are back with a new track just in time for Halloween -- and, to no one's surprise, it fucking rips.

The track is called Stoke The Flames/Pit Of Legends, and is the kind of thick, menacing storm of solos and gore-shrieks that made thrash fun in the first place. The committed radness of it feels Halloween-appropriate; the song feels like theme music to the ne'er-do-well metalhead from every '80s horror movie. The lyric video, meanwhile, is some SCP-style uncovered footage which show the bodily torments caused by listening to Axeslahser, as well as offering handy translation for the more lofty lyrics.

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Regarding the track, Kerrang! received the following missive:

"In 2018, we revealed our initial research into the paranormal phenomena known as 'Axeslasher.'

"All throughout 2019, we have been gathering further evidence of their existence. What we share with you today, is the culmination of our findings.

"The following video and audio evidence is composed of hundreds of EVP recordings and social media broadcasts emanating from Mount Bailey, Colorado. The exact origin of the supernatural frequencies is still unknown.

"We at the DBBC offer this evidence to you. Unbiased. We have simply used technology to clear and enhance the signals so they are easier for our human ears to decipher.

"A fair word of warning: The content of these broadcasts is disturbing. As best as I can gather, these supernatural Slayer rip-offs are trying to tell us about a fire pit that brings to life any ghost stories told around it.

"The DBBC is currently investigating potential locations of this Pit of Legends. We will reveal more as we continue our research.

"Justin Lascelle



Listen to our exclusive premiere of Axeslasher's Stoke The Flames/Pit Of Legends below:

Happy Halloween.

More about Axeslasher can be found at their Bandcamp and your local pizza shop.

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