Bring Me The Horizon share Nandi Bushell’s “incredible” new Bad Habits drum cover

Watch Nandi Bushell’s fierce new drum cover of Ed Sheeran and Bring Me The Horizon’s collaborative version of Bad Habits.

Bring Me The Horizon share Nandi Bushell’s “incredible” new Bad Habits drum cover
Emily Carter

Bring Me The Horizon have given their seal of approval to Nandi Bushell's awesome new Bad Habits drum cover.

Following the release of the revamped Ed Sheeran single last week, the young drummer said that she was "loving the collaboration between Ed Sheeran and Bring Me The Horizon!

"Ed is a local hero in Ipswich where I live! When I heard one of my favourite bands BMTH was collaborating with my local hero, I had to give their tune a go!"

And Horizon were clearly pretty chuffed with the results, sharing the cover and rightly calling it, "Incredible."

Check it out below:

“I really enjoyed the show last week and I think people will really like the new version," said Ed when the official studio version dropped. "Excited to get it out.”

“From receiving the email asking whether we’d like to open the BRITs with Ed Sheeran to us chatting and bouncing ideas to rehearsing and then performing and now releasing, this has needless to say been pretty mental," added Oli. "But we are all about pushing the boundaries of our own and other genres, so this felt like the perfect challenge.”

Listen to Ed Sheeran – Bad Habits (featuring Bring Me The Horizon) in full below:

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