Clown says Slipknot are making "God music", praises Corey Taylor's vocal performances

Slipknot's Clown has opened up about the follow-up to 2019's We Are Not Your Kind: "Great music has been written… the guys are really happy."

Clown says Slipknot are making "God music", praises Corey Taylor's vocal performances
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In typical Clown style, the Slipknot percussionist has come out swinging when discussing the band's new material, revealing in an interview that they are creating "God music".

Speaking to Download Festival about the progress the Iowa titans are making on the follow-up to 2019's incredible We Are Not Your Kind (via Blabbermouth), Clown teases, "I'm not gonna talk about how many songs [we're completed], because, honestly, I can't. But I can just tell you that I'm really happy, and the guys are really happy. [Corey] Taylor is on some level of singing that I've never heard him, which makes me really emotional.

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"Great music has been written, and because of that, my favourite singer on the planet has sang the songs. And this is the first time we can go into a studio with completed lyrics. When I say 'completed', I mean written, recorded, but he's still gonna have his time in the studio to project what he wants to for each individual song. So they're as done as they can be until he comes in."

Clown continues: "So, we're in LA. That's about all I can say. And we're making God music, and we're having a blast. And it's just great to be around everybody, and everybody is in the best mood I've ever seen. It's a lot of fun being around the band; it's a lot of fun not being stressed or having anxiety, and just doing what we do, because we've done it for 20 years. And people are finally like, 'Just do what you wanna do.' And that's unusual for us, because it's usually me going, 'No. This is what we're gonna do, whether you like it or not.' So now, it's just, like, 'Do what you want.' And, man, what a pleasant thing to receive after all these years. It's a beautiful thing."

Sounds amazing. Watch the full interview below:

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