Courtney Love Says Kurt Cobain Was "Well F**king Hung"

In a recent interview, Courtney Love revealed that Kurt Cobain was packing heat.

Courtney Love Says Kurt Cobain Was "Well F**king Hung"

Part of what made Nirvana frontman Kurt Cobain so special was his confidence in admitting that he wasn't always okay, and needed a lot of help. And in a recent interview, Courtney Love has revealed where that confidence came from, saying Kurt was "well fucking hung."

In an interview from 2011 recently unearthed by Loudwire, Courtney was asked about the idea of Brad Pitt playing Kurt in a Nirvana biopic. In classic fashion, Love responded, "Kurt had more presence and more beauty than Brad Pitt...He was a leader, he was strong; in fact, he was well fucking hung, if you really want to know."

So there you have it -- for anyone who has ever wondered if Kurt Cobain was packing, you now have testimony from someone who would know better than most other people. And to those of you who want to pretend they don't care whether or not Kurt was well-endowed, we say: yeah, right. Nice try.

Even though he was more than a handful, Kurt doesn't exist in the same frozen state of perfection for everyone. In an open letter she wrote to Kerrang!, former Hole bassist Melissa Auf Der Mar wrote, "As a woman who spent quite a bit of time in Hole, and whose entire adult life has been devoted to music and the power of the stories and sounds bringing us together, I must declare, I will not stand for Kurt’s death overshadowing the life and work of the women he left behind this year.

"It’s a miracle Courtney is still alive (and I just had tea with her, she’s totally alive and engaged! Ready to go!) and their daughter Frances Bean is thriving and growing into an amazing woman with music in her soul and dreams of her own," continued Melissa. "This is their time to shine, in honor of all the women who have been left behind in the world of music and beyond…"

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