Dave Mustaine teases new Megadeth snippet and tentative album title

Hear a snippet of new Megadeth material, teased by frontman Dave Mustaine.

Dave Mustaine teases new Megadeth snippet and tentative album title
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Fans have already heard and read plenty of quotes from the members of Megadeth about the band's upcoming new record, but now Dave Mustaine has actually teased a snippet of music – as well as revealing the current working title.

In a live Q&A uploaded to Reddit, the frontman has revealed that the follow-up to 2016's Dystopia is tentatively called The Sick, The Dying And The Dead (which is a pretty badass name, right?), though Dave states, "We may change that, because there's some other titles, and I usually change the titles four or five times before I settle on anything." He also shared some audio from the LP, which you can check out below.

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Last June, Dave proudly stated that album number 16 ranks within the top five records of Megadeth's career.

“I think this is probably in the top four records as far as towards the tip of the spear with our career and everything that we’re doing,” he said. “It’s up there with Countdown [To Extinction], Rust In Peace and probably Peace Sells. The other one I would say is Dystopia. So that would round up my top five.”

He also revealed that the band came up with 15 original songs in the studio, before throwing in a couple of covers, too.

“We got to the end, and I said, ‘Shoot, we didn’t think about the cover songs, man.’ We had a couple of songs we wanted to do for this record. ‘Damn, we forgot. What are we gonna do? Do you wanna still talk about it?’ ‘Yeah, we wanna talk about it.’ So we ended up doing 18 songs altogether, and then we had another song that we forgot was part of one of the other songs, so we had 19. [We] ditched one of the cover songs, so now we’ve got an 18-song album that we’re gonna be bringing.”

Check out the first musical teaser from Megadeth's new album:

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