Death Release Halloween-Themed Merch And Masks

Celebrate Halloween this year with some orange Death merch – because why not!

Death Release Halloween-Themed Merch And Masks

Halloween is just under two months away, so it's time to start planning your ultra spooky/very metal outfits.

But why bother trying to dress up like Jack Skellington, Eleven from Stranger Things or that dude from Scream when you could turn yourself into the star of your favourite Death album.

Whether it's Scream Bloody Gore, Leprosy or Spiritual Healing, Relapse Records have got you covered with three limited edition 3D PVC masks. According to the product blurb, each mask "housed in its own collectible custom box," (whatever that means) and includes a digital download of each album.

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If you wanted to celebrate Halloween but aren't really into the whole 'dressing up' thing, then Death have also released some pumpkin-themed shirts and hoodies, if you want to keep your love of All Hallow's Eve on the downlow. You can also get away with wearing them throughout the year, unlike the masks – unless that's your thing.

These are all able to pre-order now from Relapse Records. Get 'em while they're spooky.

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