Deftones Tease New Album Art And Release Date On Billboard

Deftones fans were given coordinates for the billboard in Los Angeles, and this is what it said...

Deftones Tease New Album Art And Release Date On Billboard

Deftones encouraged fans to get all Bear Grylls about seeing their new album cover, when the band cryptically shared a bunch of coordinates up on Twitter. Those who followed the trail eventually found the prize – a billboard in LA, bearing the words “This is our time – we devour the days ahead”, as well as what appears to be the artwork. There’s also a date – September 25 – which the band had already alluded to.

So is this the official release date? And what do those words mean?

Speaking about the new album in this week’s Cover Story, singer Chino Moreno revealed that the recent past has seen him taking a look at himself and working out how he can continue to learn about being Chino.

“I think a lot of people deal with this, but at some point if you’re unhappy, or you’re sad, lonely or angry,” he says. “I had times where out of nowhere I’d be mad. As you can tell from some of the songs that I’ve written over my time, my emotions have always kind of been all over the place (laughs). A lot of times I’m not able to hold my composure and I’ll be a dick to my closest friends or family sometimes. And I’m not mad at them, I’m probably mad at myself when I know I can do better.

"I don’t want to be too specific. It’s just about how, if you’ve made a decision and it didn’t make you feel good, then how do you change that? You hold yourself accountable. You need to look at yourself. A lot of people need to do that, and it’s not the easiest thing to do. But when you do, you learn a little bit more, and then you can start making little adjustments, maybe you wake up a little bit happier the next day, or just make better decisions.”

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