Delaire The Liar announce new EP, release single Angel Number

Watch the video for Delaire The Liar’s new single Angel Number, taken from their soon-to-be-released EP Self Defence.

Delaire The Liar announce new EP, release single Angel Number
Emily Carter
Cory Eyres

Delaire The Liar have announced a brand-new EP, and released a single called Angel Number.

The trio – vocalist Ffin Colley, bassist Em Lodge and drummer Chaz Tomlinson – will unveil their full Self Defence EP in full on September 1 via Rude Records, with the band collectively explaining in a statement: “In the throes of desperation, there’s no telling the lengths a person will go to preserve themselves or their loved ones. This EP presents a series of fictional scenarios to challenge the typical understanding of self-defence. The usual themes surrounding the topic are present; antagonism, violence, action and reaction, but with a focus on the more drastic instances that require a less reflexive and more considered approach. Instances that require a deeper understanding of the self, emotional capacity for pain, physical capacity for punishment, moral detachment and sacrifice for the benefit of yourself or someone else. This EP explores whether there is any defence too drastic or too difficult to justify when love, pride and responsibility is involved.”

Meanwhile, of the newly-released Angel Number, they share that “the pain carried from past relationships, the boundaries and hard lines we draw to protect ourselves from vulnerability can create a new potential. A potential of rationalising actions we would have otherwise never thought ourselves capable of. Cold, calculated, isolating, radical and dangerous behaviours that leave you ultimately, alone.”

Watch the video below:

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