Deletto's New Video Is A Cinematic Look At Self-Harm, Addiction, And The Will To Overcome

Exclusive: The latest from rising rock solo artist Deletto is a beautiful examination of the ugliness within the world.

Deletto's New Video Is A Cinematic Look At Self-Harm, Addiction, And The Will To Overcome

It's telling that Deletto got his start as a producer and touring guitarist for a hip-hop act. The New Jersey-based solo artist has a refinement to his sound -- a sense of polish and purpose, with not a single note wasted -- that comes with an understanding of how to write songs that are powerful and effective. Which makes it interesting, then, that the focus of his music seems to be overcoming mental health issues and preventing young people from harming themselves. It's as though Deletto knows that even the most carefully-constructed piece of art usually has turmoil and confusion behind it.

Deletto's new video for his track All We Are illustrates this in its artistry and message. The single is a lush, crashing piece of music whose sweeping emotionality is incredibly memorable. The video is also a well-shot piece of work; edited and directed by the singer himself, it's a dreamy but stark tale of the troubled friendships that we all understand on a gut-deep level. At the same time, the precision put behind the song and the video only highlight the ugly realities All We Are examines -- suicide, self-harm, depression, pharmaceutical abuse, and many of the other very real terrors plaguing the world right now.

"This project's main goal is to raise awareness on mental health, with a focus on suicide prevention," says Deletto. "When coming up with the idea for the music video, I pulled some inspiration from my own experiences and created a story that forces you to lose focus of the higher risk individual. You see so much of the main character's situation that it distracts you from the character who is an immediate danger to himself. The music video represents how we can sometimes get caught up in our own situations, it potentially overshadows when someone else is calling out for help. It also touches on the importance and impact proper treatment can have for at-risk individuals.

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"Because this topic means so much to me, I wanted to do this correctly, and reached out for help through crowdfunding," he continues. "With an overwhelming amount of support, I surpassed my goal of $5000 and was able to get this project started. The funding went towards creating the music video and creating a platform to spread a positive message on mental health. I am also traveling to different schools and talking directly to students about this topic. I want to bring my insight and my own experiences to connect with people and reassure them the help they need is always there. I was very fortunate to have the support I needed at a young age, I want to return the favor, hoping to inspire people to be more aware, and get the help or be the help they need."

Watch the exclusive premiere of Deletto's All We Are below. Just a warning, though, the video features graphic images of self-harm and suicide.

Deletto can be followed via his Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram pages.

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