Exclusive: cleopatrick's New Track Is Driving Hard Rock With A Cheeky Edge

Get into the killer new track by in-your-face Canadian hard rock duo cleopatrick.

Exclusive: cleopatrick's New Track Is Driving Hard Rock With A Cheeky Edge
Janine Van Oostrom

Maybe the best thing about cleopatrick -- lowercase on purpose, mind you -- is the sort of sly smile and Bruce Campbellian raised eyebrow that comes with their music. Make no mistakes, the Coburg, Ontario, duo's driving, catchy hard rock will have listeners hooked in an instant, and is certainly the reason that the band has earned over 25 million Spotify streams and successfully toured around the world. But at the same time, the bit of everyday introspection and wry humor the band injects into their music gives them a familiarity that elevates their music above typical party rock and lends them kickass sense of humanity.

The band's new track, sanjake, would get this point across even without its clever-as-fuck lyric video. The song is an eye-rolling charger about shallow with and who your real friends are that never loses momentum and feels all the cooler for coupling fast hard rock riffs with biting lyrics. That said, the lyric video, which gives fans the lyrics to sanjake via a group text chat, definitely adds an awesome relatable edge to it. You've never wanted to watch a text conversation unfold as much as you'll want to watch this one.

Describing the song, the band says, "This song is for our friends and the kids that come to our rock shows. After the insanity of 2018, we began to feel a lot of pressure to put something out that could live up to this image of us that people were building in their heads. It was a year of exponential growth and awesome highs. it was also a year spent listening to old label dudes mumble about 'momentum' and 'follow ups.'

Somewhere along the line, we realized that the pressure to conform or to satisfy the vast majority of your audience...that’s the kind of shit that brought this genre down over the last 20 years. This preconceived notion of what we should be doing as a rock band. It’s backwards. Fuck that.

We are cleopatrick, the people’s band. We make music for kids that feel the same shit we feel. The kids we see in the front row, singing every word because a rock show is the only place they feel they belong.

Here’s a song about our best friends, sanjay and jake. sanjake is designed to incite vicious mosh pits and a sense of existential triumph. If you don’t get it, that’s probably because it isn’t meant for you.

Check out the lyric video for sanjake below:

Crack up at the amazing artwork for the single, ostensibly featuring Sanjay and Jake:

And if this track has you throwing shit across the room or slapping the steering wheel, make sure to get tickets to see cleopatrick at one of the live shows listed here:

March 2019

20 - Omeara– London, UK (SOLD OUT)
21 - Deaf Institute– Manchester, UK (SOLD OUT)
22 - Latest Music Bar– Brighton, UK (SOLD OUT)
24 - Rough Trade Bristol– Bristol, UK (SOLD OUT)
26 - 1999 – Paris, France
27 - MTC – Cologne, Germany
28 - Paradiso Kleine Zaal – Amsterdam, Netherlands (SOLD OUT)
29 - Hafenklang – Hamburg, Germany
30 - Auster Club – Berlin, Germany

April 2019

25 - Stubb's BBQ - Indoors – Austin, TX,
26 - House of Rock – Corpus Christi, TX
27 - El Luchador – San Antonio, TX
28 - Cambridge Room, House of Blues – Dallas, TX
30 - Bronze Peacock Room, House of Blues – Houston, TX

May 2019

1 - Santos Bar – New Orleans, LA
3 - Welcome to Rockville 2019 – Jacksonville, FL
4 - Shaky Knees Festival 2019 – Atlanta, GA
11 - The End – Nashville, TN
12 - Epicenter Festival 2019 – Rockingham, NC
14 - Milkboy Arthouse – College Park, MD
15 - Wonder Bar – Asbury Park, NJ
17 - Voltage Lounge – Philadelphia, PA
18 - Smiling Moose – Pittsburgh, PA

July 2019

5 - Lost in a Little Town – Lindsay, ON
14 - Citadel Festival – London, UK

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