The Battlevests Of Bloodstock 2018

Photographer Katja Ogrin shot a selection of the weekend’s best battle vests.

How was your Bloodstock? We have hangovers.

After the bands and the beer, the other thing we love about Bloodstock is the strong selection of battlevests on display. Being discreet about the things you love is one way of living your life, or you could just sew the stuff you love straight onto your back and let the world know that Benediction are the best band in the world!

Check these pics (shot by Katja Ogrin) out and take a moment to consider the passion and creativity that went into the making of these things…

Battlevests 1

Battlevests 2

Battlevests 3

Battlevests 4

Battlevests 5

Battlevests 6

Battlevests 7

Battlevests 8

Battlevests 9

Battlevests 10

Battlevests 11

Battlevests 12

Battlevests 13

Battlevests 14

Battlevests 15

Battlevests 16

Battlevests 17

Battlevests 18

Battlevests 19

Battlevests 20

Battlevests 21

Battlevests 22

Battlevests 23

Battlevests 24

Battlevests 25

Battlevests 26

Battlevests 27

Battlevests 28

Battlevests 29

Battlevests 30

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