From Tim Armstrong to Mark Ronson: The icons who inspired Aimee Interrupter

Aimee Interrupter is a ska hero. But who are the hero’s heroes? She told us about the people who inspire her…

From Tim Armstrong to Mark Ronson: The icons who inspired Aimee Interrupter
Jimmy Fontaine

The Interrupters vocalist Aimee Interrupter is an absolute icon – not just musically in the ska scene, but as a human being who, in a life-spanning interview with Kerrang!, shared that, “I’ve suffered… I’ve had to fight for survival.” But who’s kept her going? The singer breaks down some of the people who’ve made Aimee who she is today…

Tim Armstrong

Rancid’s …And Out Come The Wolves is a record that is very close to my heart. When I was teenager it meant everything to me and still does. Tim made me feel less alone in the world. He gave voice to the rage and pain I was feeling at that age. He had a way of painting pictures with his words and delivering them with such urgency that his voice just jumped out of the speakers. When we first started, Tim believed in us and signed us to his label, Hellcat Records. It was a dream come true. He produced us, and I am so grateful to have spent countless hours in the studio collaborating on music with him.”

Rhoda Dakar

“Being the leader of the first all-female two-tone ska band is more than enough to make her a hero of mine, but my love for Rhoda Dakar extends even beyond that. As a performer, I am hypnotised by her magnetic energy and the way she commands the stage. I’ve watched her performance in the movie Dance Craze more times than I can count. Her voice is beautiful and strong, and when you get to the core of her lyrics, you hear powerful messages of justice and equality.”

Jimmy Cliff

“I discovered Jimmy Cliff at a young age. He was the first artist who ignited my lifelong love of reggae music. I can feel his soul in every word he sings. His vocals have a magic and dynamic range that seem so smooth and effortless. When I listen to Jimmy Cliff records, I find peace and comfort. His music was an escape from my chaotic childhood. His lyrics are simple yet poetic with a deep wisdom throughout. I feel like if there was a book of all his lyrics you could learn every single life lesson from reading it.”

Tom Morello

Rage Against The Machine have always been a huge inspiration for me, and Tom Morello is one of the greatest and most creative guitar players to ever walk this Earth. His guitar is unmistakable. His riffs make the perfect vessel for the powerful and thought-provoking lyrics being emoted over them. In his solo career, he has always made a point to support female artists in his collaborations. He continues his long history of addressing the injustices of the world in his songs, always using his voice to speak for those who can’t be heard. My love and respect for Tom extends beyond his music. When he was working on a solo EP I was lucky enough to spend some time in the studio with him and sing on one of his tracks, Radium Girls. He is so present, kind and down to earth, and we had so much fun making that one!”

Mark Ronson

“He was one of the first producers I ever worked with in the studio. I knew after one session that he was bound to go down in history as one of the greats. His ear, his production, and his work ethic are in a class of their own. He has transcended genre because of his deep love and knowledge of music. His approach is as thoughtful as it is soulful. Working with Mark helped me evolve my process as a songwriter and a lyricist. He challenged me to dig deeper as a writer while always remaining so sweet and gentle. I am so grateful for all he taught me. He has worked with so many incredible artists and made so many amazing records, and the quality is always as good as it gets.”

In The Wild is due out on August 5 via Hellcat / Epitaph Records. This article was originally printed in the May 2022 issue of Kerrang!.

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