Lzzy Hale celebrates being “unapologetically bisexual” in personal Pride post

The Halestorm singer-songwriter reflects on being “different” and “navigating” her LGBTQ+ identity.

Lzzy Hale celebrates being “unapologetically bisexual” in personal Pride post
Zoya Raza-Sheikh

June marks the glorious Pride Month for many. During this time, many LGBTQ+ people, communities and allies take the time to champion how far we’ve come and how much further the fight for rights needs to go.

Taking to social media, Lzzy Hale opens up about her experience of being “approached by many outlets this month talking about pride” as a bisexual person.

However… Lzzy had other plans, she shares: “I’m deciding to post this …straight from this lil bi – horses mouth.”

Looking back on her childhood, the Halestorm singer opened up about being “different” from an early age: “Growing up in a semi-Christian household, all of the things I was feeling were inherently wrong. So I hid my bisexuality for a long time.”

Lzzy explained how being in a band allowed her to find herself. “It was through being in a band getting out of organized religion, finding my tribe and trudging through the dark murky waters of life that I was then able to be truly comfortable owning all the things that make me… Me,” she said.

The singer added: “I’m unapologetically bisexual. Navigating within my own spectrum of this tremendous rainbow that we are all a part of. What I hope to pass onto you, whether you are in a state of pride or still riding the high seas… is that by being your true self, embracing what makes you stand out to others, and owning your weird… these things ultimately become your superpowers. Your true self Is precious, no one can take it from you unless you let them. Wield it like a secret weapon.

“As far as I know… We only get one time around this ride. So Live and breathe every single part of you. The good the bad, the colorful and the queer. Rock on motherfuckers! I celebrate you!”

Check out Lzzy's empowering post below.

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