Hear Oli Sykes and blackbear on SLANDER’s new single, Wish I Could Forget

Watch the video for SLANDER’s new single Wish I Could Forget, which features guest vocals from blackbear and Bring Me The Horizon’s Oli Sykes.

Hear Oli Sykes and blackbear on SLANDER’s new single, Wish I Could Forget
Emily Carter

From Sigrid to Machine Gun Kelly, Oli Sykes has collaborated with just about everyone in recent years – and he’s adding DJ duo SLANDER to that list.

The Bring Me The Horizon frontman has just joined forces with blackbear as the pair lend their vocals to the poppy new tune Wish I Could Forget.

blackbear opens the track by singing that, ‘I’ve got a problem, and the problem is you / Left me no option, I don’t know what to do,’ while Oli handles the second verse with lyrics like, ‘I still remember when it was you and me / Less like a memory, more like PTSD.’

SLANDER previously revealed that, “We have been working on this song for over a year to make this happen.”

Watch the video for Wish I Could Forget below:

Wish I Could Forget follows Bring Me’s recent single LosT, which is the next taste from their second Post Human EP. Talking to Kerrang! about the status of the ambitious project, Jordan Fish explained: “We’re on a journey of doing different types of records, which we set ourselves up to do thinking we’d get through it really quickly, and it hasn’t panned out that way for a number of reasons.

“We’re working on four Post Human records and we’ve been working on them all at the same time; one of the reasons why it’s taken longer is that we’ve done stuff for the third and fourth ones as well. The fourth one is where we want to explore the more heavy stuff, so in a way it limits how much we want to go heavy on this one. You don’t want them all to sound the same and you want to be confident in your conviction of going all-in on a style. It’s been a bit challenging working out how to do heavy-ish stuff on the record that doesn’t feel necessarily ‘metal’ heavy. I can imagine [LosT] being a popular song in a rock club. It’s a rock-y, emo-y pop song.”

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