Here's The Intro To Mudvayne's Dig For Ten Hours Straight

Even diehard Mudvayne fans have a breaking point.

Here's The Intro To Mudvayne's Dig For Ten Hours Straight

We've all had the dream: you're at an awesome party in '04, and someone puts Mudvayne's Dig on the stereo. The bass-driven intro comes on -- "Brbr DENG, brbr DENG..." --and you get all amped up knowing the song is about to kick in. So you wait for Chad Gray's inevitable "YUUUURRRR" to launch the track into high gear...only it never comes. There's just more and more of the intro, just "Brbr DENG" forever. That's when you look at your friends' hideous grinning faces, and you notice the room has no doors, and you realize that you never crawled away from that car wreck and this is Hell.

Well, YouTuber Flórián R. Kiss had seen into your nightmares, and has made them reality by putting together a video of the intro to Mudvayne's Dig for ten straight hours. That's right: ten. Straight. Hours.

Now you and your friends can see how long you can listen to the Dig intro before one of your eyes starts bleeding or you launch into an uncontrollable rage.

Sink into the madness that is the Dig intro ad nauseam below:

For those of you in need of catharsis after that, here's the actual Dig video below:

Mudvayne scored respectably high on our list of the 21 Best Nu-Metal Albums of all time, landing at #12 with LD-50. "Illinois metallers Mudvayne could be defined by their shifting eras and imagery," said writer Sam law. "If that’s the case, the nightmare carnival aesthetic of L.D. 50 should be acknowledged as perhaps their most interesting moment. Watching back the music video for slamming lead single Dig (see below), it’d be all too easy to discount the quintet – like many did at the time – as a gang of clowns.

"Dig deeper, though," added Sam, "into the schizoid atmospherics of -1 or the ravenous tumult of Death Blooms, and its easy to pick out elements of the math-metal experimentalism that would mark them out as a musical force of nature in the years to come. No laughing matter, indeed."

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