Is Hayley Williams currently writing new Paramore lyrics?

Hayley Williams has revealed she's got some lyric-writing to be getting on with… does that mean we're close to a new Paramore album?!

Is Hayley Williams currently writing new Paramore lyrics?
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Earlier this year, Hayley Williams confirmed that – following two excellent solo albums – she was ready to focus once again on Paramore, and the highly-anticipated follow-up to 2017's After Laughter. And now the vocalist has shared that she needs to get into some lyric-writing…

In a new tweet on August 12, the singer doesn't specifically state that she needs to write new lyrics for Paramore, but given that she said in February "I’m not planning on another solo album", these could well be for the band?! And does that also mean there's already new instrumentals to be putting these words to?! So. Many. Questions.

"Thank you for your memes and kindnesses, for your insults and slights, for the introspection and the externalization," Hayley says, "but I've been doom scrolling on this website for 2 days straight and I must discipline myself! not to mention write lyrics! save your memes for next time."

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Hayley said earlier this year, "I’m ready for the next Paramore album. Let’s go.” She also responded to a fan who asked if she'd be "more involved with the instrumental writing process in Paramore albums now", responding: "I wouldn’t say I’ve been un-involved up till now but the thing is we grew up playing together and learning (and the re-learning) how to write together. They are my favorite musicians in the world. I’m excited to see how our writing together grows for this next project.”

Hayley also shared: "I’m most looking forward to hearing whatever the next Paramore songs will sound like."

Watch this space…

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