Kat Moss: “I’m sick of hearing the phrase ‘industry plant’ every single time Scowl experiences success”

Scowl have been killing it both live and on record over the past few years, but vocalist Kat Moss has shared that sadly anytime the band experience success, they get (wrongly) accused of being industry plants.

Kat Moss: “I’m sick of hearing the phrase ‘industry plant’ every single time Scowl experiences success”
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Kat Moss has taken to Twitter to share her frustration that Scowl are frequently being labelled industry plants by some corners of the internet.

Despite telling Kerrang! a few months back that the hardcore scene was “an extremely accepting and open place”, it seems as though unfortunately not everyone in music has been quite so welcoming, with the quintet facing accusations “every single time Scowl experiences success”.

“Our friend’s bands – bands commonly full of men – will sign brand deals, have a song in a commercial, get a co-sign from massively successful musicians, etc… Yet I never read whisperings of whether or not they deserve those successes,” Kat writes. “Whether or not they are valid enough, good enough, or worked hard enough to be deserving of that success. Is our success never valid enough for you?

“Why is this competition created between us and our community, specifically femme-bodied individuals? A competition I never participated in; a patriarchal competition I challenge by questioning my thoughts, actions and insecurities every single day. The message I receive is that I am not granted independent success as a woman. Am I never grateful enough? Hardworking enough? Confident enough?”

Kat goes on to detail the sacrifices the band have made to be where they are today. “Scowl has worked tirelessly to be in the position we are in,” she says. “We have practiced late into the night, day after day. We have relentlessly toured. Last year I had bronchitis for months on tour, I’ve blown my voice out a handful of times, we have experienced exhaustive physical injury, blah blah and only dropped one show due to those circumstances the past two years. Not even counting the depression, anxiety, grief and other general human sufferings experienced thousands of miles away from home. Slept on countless floors, gone hungry for a little too long, been in the negatives on my bank statements, etc. Is that punk enough for you?”

That’s not to say it’s all negative, however, with Kat proudly sharing that, “I would be nowhere without the countless BIPOC/trans/femme/gender nonconforming individuals that I’ve shared the stage with and have had meaningful conversations and relationships with. I’m so grateful to music for giving me the opportunity to form those connections. You have all collectively inspired me to never ever give up! Whether we talk all the time or have had a short swift encounter, you know who you are and I love you!

“You remind me that I’m never alone.”

Powerful words. Read the full post below:

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