Lacuna Coil launch official tabletop game, HORNS UP!

Lacuna Coil's HORNS UP! is set at a gig, with each player in the game having to "fight his or her way to be the first to reach the stage".

Lacuna Coil launch official tabletop game, HORNS UP!
Emily Carter

Italian metallers – and avid gamers – Lacuna Coil have announced the release of a new tabletop game, HORNS UP!.

The game is set at a Lacuna Coil show (obvs), with each player having to "fight his or her way to be the first to reach the stage". "Lacuna Coil band members will be an active presence in the game: they are depicted on the Stage Cards, and each of these will have consequences on the whole audience!" explains the description, adding that, "There will obviously be many 'friendship-threatening' actions challenging the opponents." Oooh…

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Detailing the history of this project, Head Game Designer Tommi explains in the Kickstarter that 'until my 28th birthday, I never had a roof over my head during my holidays. Just a tent in a camping site at a metal festival.'

"This is the birthplace of HORNS UP!" the story continues. "We have wished this game to be as similar as possible to the atmosphere experienced during a metal concert: loud, slightly bruised, and exhilarating!

"Over 5,000 metalheads have managed to play-test it. On the ground, before the beginning of many concerts. And we fixed it on the road, listening to their observations. We threw the game on the stage, directly to the bands, for them to try, and this is how we started our cooperation with Lacuna Coil and made this game a reality."

The band's new foray into the world of games arrives via a partnership with Labmasu, with a pre-order campaign kicking off on March 26; then, as things develop, 'new events and new expansions' will be added.

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