Listen To Radiohead's Creep In The Style Of Deftones

Ten Second Songs have done a full-length cover of Radiohead's Creep in the style of Deftones

Listen To Radiohead's Creep In The Style Of Deftones

Stop spinning Ohms for a minute, and have some different Deftones goodness. Sort of. Ten Second Songs have released a cover of Radiohead's Creep, in Deftones style. Previously, they've done it as part of a montage of other bits, but clearly this idea is too got not to do it in full-length mode.

Deftones, of course, kicked today off by releasing the title-track from their new album, and announcing that it'll be out on September 25.

Talking to K! about the making of Ohms, Chino Moreno revealed that this time around guitarist Stef Carpenter, who has been vocal in the past about his less-than-usual contribution to Deftones’ last album, Gore, firmly brought his riffy A-game.

“He was involved in Gore, let’s not get it wrong,” says Chino. “Phantom Bride? Aside from the lyrics and drums, he wrote that all by himself. He did have something to do with the record, he just wasn’t fully engaged, and it wasn’t because we were like, ‘Our songs are better.’ It was nothing like that. He was going through something, and after the record was done he talked to me a little bit about it, like, ‘I’m sorry I wasn’t as available as I should have been.’ I was like, ‘Dude, you’re my brother, I totally understand.’ When the record came out, I think people felt that Stef wasn’t as big a part of it and that it may have suffered in certain areas because of that, so one of the most important things is that everybody is engaged and everybody is excited.”

And is that the case this time?

“Most definitely,” says Chino, unequivocally. If a gauge of Stef’s engagement was needed, consider this: the first version of the lead single he emailed to Chino was 12-minutes long. “Stephen has a thing where he’ll play a riff and he’ll just grind it into you!”

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