Loz Taylor: "While She Sleeps Can't Sound Like Anyone Else"

Vocalist Loz Taylor discusses the influences behind While She Sleeps' new album SO WHAT?

Loz Taylor: "While She Sleeps Can't Sound Like Anyone Else"

Ahead of While She Sleeps' new album SO WHAT?, frontman Loz Taylor has spoken to Kerrang! about their forthcoming record's sound and how it could only be them.

Kerrang! travelled to Taiwan with the band, spending 48 hours in the belly of the beast, and uncovering the secrets behind their upcoming fourth full-length.

“I think that While She Sleeps just can’t sound like anyone else,” Loz tells Kerrang!, divulging that it even includes "nostalgic" hints of ’90s pop-punk, trance and dance sounds… as well as metal.

“I think we could look at doing a completely different genre – a country record, even – and it’d still sound like Sean [Long]’s guitar playing or Mat [Welsh]’s vocals. We’re lucky in that.”

He continues, “I think a lot of bands are experimenting with sounds, so they don’t get left behind. We just enjoy the experimentation. Where something scared us or took us out of our comfort zone, we would savour it…”

You can read our full, exclusive interview with While She Sleeps in the new issue of Kerrang! magazine. In stores Wednesday February 27 and available to order now.

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