Mark Hoppus Has Ranked Over 60 blink-182 Songs

blink-182 bassist Mark Hoppus has ranked the pop-punks' music – and revealed which song from the band comes out on top…

Mark Hoppus Has Ranked Over 60 blink-182 Songs
Jonathan Weiner

We've spent a hell of a long time ranking the music of our favourite bands, separating their very best work from the stuff that's not quite so popular. In blink-182's case, we've even tried shouting about some of their lesser-known material, as well as generally diving deep into iconic albums like Enema Of The State.

Now, though, bassist Mark Hoppus has had the final say on the pop-punks' iconic back-catalogue, taking part in the ultimate blink song bracket at the request of record store/label Smartpunk.

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Whittling down over 60 blink-182 tracks, Mark revealed in his Twitter replies that figuring out the band's best song took him just two minutes ("I went with my gut and didn’t second guess anything"), enjoying some back and forth between fans online about his various choices.

Ultimately, Feeling This from blink-182's eponymously titled fifth album won the battle, with All The Small Things ('Roses' on Mark's bracket), I Miss You ('Yed') and What's My Age Again? all coming close. (Side note: 'Yed' is a great nickname…)

Defending his winner, the bassist wrote of Feeling This, “It’s the apex of blink-182. The best of all of us. It was different and new and (in my opinion) groundbreaking.”

It's hard to argue with that. But if you disagree, Mark's invited fans to have a heated debate about it…

What a song, to be fair. Any excuse to give it another spin, eh?

Mark recently took to Twitter to encourage people to stay at home and stop the spread of coronavirus, writing, “We are self-quarantining and canceled all people coming to the house, all meetings and events. No-one in, no-one out…”

“This whole thing is scary and unknown,” he continued. “The three of us are thankfully healthy and strong but we have family members who are older and have compromised immune systems. We have dear friends with compromised immune systems. There are people we’ve never met who would not be able to fight the virus, so we are doing our part to slow the spread. The best possible outcome is that nothing happens, which will seem like we vastly overreacted, which is paradoxical, but necessary. Do the best you can, and take care of each other.”

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