Mudvayne's Ryan Martinie On What It's Like Being A Meme

The Mudvayne bassist discusses being the 'brbr DENG' guy

Mudvayne's Ryan Martinie On What It's Like Being A Meme

Mudvayne are a strange beast in 2019. On the one hand, countless fans are calling for their reunion (just like they have since Mudvayne split in 2010), but on the other hand, they are the brbr DENG meme machine.

There's an entire subculture of YouTubers editing and reimagining Mudvayne's 2000 nu-metal smash Dig. From the Dig By Mudvayne But It Slows Down By 1% For Every "DENG" video to the BTS x Mudvayne mash-up to brbr DENG For 10 hours, there's a lot of enjoyment to be had from the body-painted metallers.

Now, Mudvayne bassist (and man behind the DENG) Ryan Martinie has spoken about becoming an unintentional internet sensation. It turns out he didn't find out by himself, it was Job For a Cowboy bassist Nick Schendzielos who told him about the memeage.

“I don’t think either of us thought a whole ton of it," Ryan told MetalSucks. "Then all of a sudden it’s this damn thing that’s running amok on the Internet. I think it’s been really fun for everybody.”

Explaining his thoughts on becoming an internet sensation, Ryan said: “It’s super awesome that people have had a good time with it and have been able to share something that I actually had nothing to do with.

"I’m as curious as everyone else as to why and where and how and what. Who made up this onomatopoeia? I guess that’s the first question. ‘Brbr-DENG.’ Who actually came up with that? It’s me! That would’ve been a clever trick! But no, I’m not that kind of magician.”

If you really love the brbr DENG sound, you can watch the ten-hour megamix below.

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