Now Hear This: Edith Johnson on the best new indie-pop, bedroom rock and hardcore

Meet Me @ The Altar vocalist Edith Johnson brings you the best new artists to check out now, including chloe moriondo, Dying Wish and carolesdaughter…

Now Hear This: Edith Johnson on the best new indie-pop, bedroom rock and hardcore
Edith Johnson
Edith photo:
Jonathan Weiner

Spotify's algorithm of helping listeners find new music is amazing, and also I find out from friends and word of mouth, and being someone that's involved in the scene and as someone that loves music. I listen to everything – I don't just listen to rock, I listen to literally every single genre ever, so I'm always looking out for new music in every area…


I really pay attention to women in the music industry because we need to take up more space and I always love supporting other women. So I think that's how I found out about MUNA, and I've just been obsessed ever since; I always listen to them. They just released a song with Phoebe Bridgers, and it's my favourite thing right now!

chloe moriondo

chloe moriondo is signed to Fueled By Ramen as well [as MM@TA]. We were actually able to meet them in LA a couple of weeks ago and they're so sweet! Originally they just played with acoustic ukulele or guitar, but they just started playing with a band and it sounds amazing, and their band is all women so that's very important. They released an album [Blood Bunny in May 2021] which has been on repeat. I love girl on tv, and I Want To Be With You is also very great. They're such a great artist all-round, and a great person too.


She's this cute little woman of colour. She's British as well. She's very indie, bedroom rock, very vibey. And she's just great – great listen, very chill. Her live show is also very good. I love her!

Dying Wish

They're a hardcore band, female-fronted. I met the lead singer Emma [Boster] a while ago and it was at a show in Atlanta. I remember she was talking about starting a new band and now they're blowing up. They just got signed [to SharpTone Records], and they're on tour right now with Silent Planet.

I also love hardcore; hardcore was my first love when I entered the scene. And I just also love seeing female-fronted hardcore bands – that’s very important. So they're great.


She is amazing. We met her not too long ago as well. I found out about her through our manager – our manager started managing her as well, and she came to Orlando, so me and Ada [Juarez] and Téa [Campbell] went to go see her. She also blew up on TikTok and that's how she got her start and she's very popular right now. She actually replaced us on the [recent U.S.] Coheed & Cambria tour because we left that tour to come here to the UK, so she took our spot. She's a great artist, and she's so sweet.

Meet Me At The Altar's EP Model Citizen is out now via Fueled By Ramen

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(Note: chloe moriondo uses they/she/he pronouns; this article uses they/them for consistency)

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