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From mysterious nu-metal to new grunge: Sophie K on the new bands you need to hear now

Kerrang! Radio presenter Sophie K brings the new noise, including Future Palace, BLACKGOLD and We Are Sovereign…

From mysterious nu-metal to new grunge: Sophie K on the new bands you need to hear now
Sophie K
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We are a breath away from a full-size Download and I might cry. On June 9 I will be doing a live recorded episode of my podcast On Wednesdays We Wear Black, so please stop and say hi. I don’t want to say the forecast looks sunny but… We deserve it, right? I miss going to Download and discovering new bands and seeing bands for their first UK slot. Although I can’t wait for Spiritbox, I just know that’s gonna be killer!

Anyway, let me tell you who I have been listening to this month…

Future Palace

I’m in love with this band. They are often described as German post-punk but my introduction was the song Flames which is kind of like if E-GIRLS ARE RUINING MY LIFE by Corpse was metal. The vocalist Maria has a strong voice that plays well into different vocal styles and the production on their tracks really gives them a power that I would love to see live. I love it when a band come out swinging like this. Their new album Run is due out on June 10, just in time for your drive to and from Download.


Who the fuck are BLACKGOLD? No lies, I have been digging and trying to find out, but in a surprising twist I have never seen in the scene, not even their team know who they are. Despite them wearing masks and full body covering, I get the sense that they may be some kind of supergroup because they have a swag that you don’t often see with new bands.

If you are a fan of nu-metal or metalcore, you have to check them out. I'm getting a bit long in the tooth to get excited about mystery, but I love that this band back it up with skill. And make sure you watch some of their videos – they remind me of Channel 5 interviews with local teenage drug dealers. Either way, keep an eye on them; their debut EP is out now and their manifesto includes challenging music industry bullshit. I'm ready, pass the popcorn.

Bleak Soul

Anyone who's met As It Is will tell you they are lovely guys, so when Ben Langford-Biss announced he was leaving the band, it was a real blow. But Ben said on TikTok that he really wanted to find himself as an artist and a songwriter and as an individual. I love that he hasn’t been afraid to be raw and vulnerable and be open about facts like dementia runs in his family, giving identification to so many fans. His solo sound appears to dance between ’70s and ’80s folk nostalgia. He’s grafting hard with tours and social content, and I genuinely hope it works out for him.


This band are so good it's rude. Growing up, I always wished I had less of the kids TV chirpy demeanour and more of the dangerous rock star, gravelly voiced attitude. Alas it was not meant to be 'cool' but by god the singer of Waax, Maz, has cool dripping off her. She reminds me of a young Courtney Love with a grungey rock vibe. Waax are doing well it would seem in Australia, they even toured with the mighty Fall Out Boy. However, this band needs to be heard more, they have all the markings of success. Their new album is one to look forward to: it's called At Least I'm Free, and is due in August.

We Are Sovereign

Do you remember that time where no decent band had just one vocalist? Some of my favourite bands were from that era. Two voices that work well together can add so much emotion to a track and that's exactly what we get with We Are Sovereign. When I found this band trawling the internet (so you don't have to), I saw that they have had substantial support from Johnny Doom on Kerrang! Radio. This makes sense as they have such a standout sound and hail from the East Midlands. I loved the fact that at times this song nostalgia reminded me of Killswitch Engage with Howard Jones.

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