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From MOTHICA to Scruffy Bear: Sophie K on the new music you need to hear now

Kerrang! Radio host Sophie K brings you the new artists you need to check out now, including MOTHICA, Scene Queen and Scruffy Bear…

From MOTHICA to Scruffy Bear: Sophie K on the new music you need to hear now
Sophie K

Hello, you gorgeous rock fans! It’s good to be back in the UK after getting to DJ at the legendary Emo Nite in LA. I managed to surf with dolphins (yes I cried at this) and bumped into a lot of celebs. While eating dinner at Travis Barker's restaurant, in saunters De’Wayne with all the looks, charm and style of a modern day Lenny Kravitz. I wish it was more like that in London where you bump into rock stars everywhere, but the best I've done was spotting Gemma Collins in Tesco.

Anyway, I have new music…

Scene Queen

Scene Queen is a new and exciting artist who describes her sound as bimbocore. As I hovered the mouse over the 'play' button and saw the flowing blonde hair and montage of hot pink clothes, baby pink fur and big smiles, I was transported back to watching Paris Hilton and Nicole Ritchie nasally drawling the phrase, “That’s hot.” I was ready to hate the track, but goddamn she is good. Really good. As I watched her videos and TikToks it dawned on me, Scene Queen is simultaneously trolling all the metal elitists, challenging what the meaning of heavy music is, and dropping some killer tunes. I have sent her music to every person that I know was in the MySpace metalcore scene because this is a flashback that's also fresh and new.


In 2022 there is a real disconnect between those that use TikTok and those that don’t. If you fall into the latter, trust me, MOTHICA is an artist you need to know. The world seems to be confused as to how to brand this artist, as when it comes to women’s voices we only recognise select categories. She often gets described as dark pop, but I would call her alternative in the same way that PVRIS are. Everything she does is a nod back to roots within the scene while keeping the sound accessible and catchy. In 2021 Mothica covered Can You Feel My Heart? by Bring Me The Horizon which gained respect from the entirety of TikTok emos. The thing I love about her is her vulnerable but inspirational openness about her struggles with mental health, and that pain is reflected within her music.

A Moment In Pompeii

A Moment In Pompeii are a band who have really crafted their sound over the past few years. Their latest single Drown In Shallow Water is an exciting taste of what is to come. It makes me think of what Northlane might sound like if the first singer Adrian Fitipaldes and longstanding frontman Marcus Bridge came together. Going through their back-catalogue it sounds like their new direction may be leaning even more into the technical, juxtaposed with gentle melody. Either way, this band are one to watch.

Scruffy Bear

Normally I spend my Sundays trawling through Nashville blues bar iPhone videos trying to satisfy my love for bluesy rock. So when I was sent this fuzzy band from North Yorkshire I nearly spat my tea out. What I love about Scruffy Bear is that they bring all the vibes and skill of a classic rock band but all the youth and angst of a TikToker. Looking through interviews, they've cited everyone from Led Zeppelin to Paramore as influences, and its this kind of eclectic mix that makes them appealing. Stories Of Strange Women is a song for all the weirdos out there that second guess themselves. I really can’t wait to see this band live because I spent the whole time thinking, 'Could their singer Georgy be the UK’s answer to Lzzy Hale or Ann Wilson?’


It's rare that I find a baby band who literally only have a couple of Insta posts but are good enough to put in the mighty Kerrang!, but these guys are ready. This is a band I discovered while researching the underground scene of upcoming bands in LA. Senses are a pop-rock trio that encapsulate all of the sunshine of the City Of Angels. They are currently working on their debut EP, and if their current singles and massive choruses are anything to go by, they have big things ahead.

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