Oli Sykes: BMTH’s Post Human series of EPs “is definitely still the plan”

Nearly two years on from Post Human: Survival Horror, Oli Sykes says Bring Me The Horizon are “chipping away” at the next EP in the series.

Oli Sykes: BMTH’s Post Human series of EPs “is definitely still the plan”
Emily Carter

We’ve already heard two singles from the second EP in Bring Me The Horizon’s Post Human series (the 2022 Kerrang! Award-winning song DiE4u, and more recent track sTraNgeRs), and Oli Sykes has confirmed that the band are still “chipping away” at more new music, and their ambitious project “is definitely still the plan”.

Following 2020’s Survival Horror – the first of Horizon’s planned four-part Post Human series – the band have ended up taking their time on their upcoming material, with the frontman telling NME that “it’s almost like we’ve been backlogged” with other things away from music after lockdown (including family stuff and Oli’s own Drop Dead).

“We are chipping away at it, but I also think we feel as though the bar has been set so high for us,” he explains of the next Post Human EP. “I feel like we have this pretty incredible [live] set now, and any song we write now has to be good enough to justify its place on the setlist.”

Oli also reasons: “I’d rather spend three months working on a song in order to put out something special; this is not a case of writers’ block, we’re just taking our time with it and making sure we’re doing something different, which gets increasingly harder as your catalogue gets bigger.”

Speaking to Kerrang! earlier this year about new music, Oli teased that he would “never say never” to Bring Me The Horizon making one of their four Post Human EPs a full-on heavy rager, and he also said that the vibe they’re going for with this whole project is making “this thing that feels nostalgic but progressive and futuristic”.

However long it takes, we can’t wait.

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