Orthodox Want To Watch You Bleed In Turbulent New Video

Exclusive: The new video by Nashville's Orthodox is an impassioned plea for vengeful bloodletting.

Orthodox Want To Watch You Bleed In Turbulent New Video
Cam Smith

Nashville's Orthodox are quick to dispense with the pleasantries. The band's music is straightforward in its viciousness, forsaking experimentalism and subtlety for a no-nonsense haymaker assault of mace-to-the-throat guitars and furious bellows. For modern hardcore fans, they need no introduction, having won over a legion of young fans with their scene-redefining roar on their massive 2017 release Sounds Of Loss. Now, with their second full-length LP in the works with Unbeaten Records and a tour with Kublai Khan and Slaughter To Prevail mounting, it feels as though these guys are ready to knock down the door and charge into the room like a Kool-Aid Man full of spit and poison.

The band's new video for the track I Can Show Your God displays this single-minded momentum and approach. Orthodox don't get bogged down in traditional narrative; the video, directed by Cam Smith and Nick Chance, shows the band performing in what looks like a derelict mental hospital while vocalist Adam Easterling has a panic attack with his hands caked in gore. When the frontman yells, "SHOW ME YOUR BLOOD!" one gets the feeling that he's telling rather than asking.

Describing the video, Adam says, "The whole idea of I Can Show You God came to me last winter on an overnight drive through The-middle-of-nowhere, Kansas while our drummer, Mike White, showed me the newest Daughters record for the first time. That album, You Won't Get What You Want, was the first album in a long time that actually left me feeling unsettled. I wanted to write something to the same effect. Another big inspiration is one of my favorite movies -- Red Dragon (prequel to Silence of the Lambs). In Red Dragon, the main antagonist is obsessed with the William Blake painting named 'The Great Red Dragon and the Woman Clothed in Sun.' He believes that by killing people, he further becomes 'The Great Red Dragon' shown in the painting.

"I Can Show You God has a similar storyline," he continues. "In this song, I've written that I've captured someone who's done something horrible -- something I've been obsessing over. Finally, I've got them in front of me, and I begin to terrorize them. Hurting myself, and even eating pieces of my skin, to show them what's coming - or to 'show them God.' So in a line, I'd say the song is about fear: how it can be felt, manipulated, and inflicted."

Watch our exclusive stream of Orthodox's I Can Show You God below:

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Orthodox are currently readying their second full-length album with Unbeaten Records.

Catch the band live with Slaughter To Prevail and Kublai Khan at one of the following dates:


12 Memphis, TN @ Growlers
13 Little Rock, AR @ Vino's*
14 Lawrence, KS @ The Bottleneck*
15 Chicago, IL @ Subterranean*
16 Burlington, IA @ Washington*
17 Minneapolis, MN @ The Fallout*
18 Fargo, ND @ The Red Raven*
19 Winnipeg, MB @ Bulldog Event Center*
25 Pontiac, MI @ Pike Room^
26 Covington, KY @ Thompson House^
27 Nashville, TN @ The End^
29 Indianapolis, IN @ Citadel^
30 Frederick, MD @ Cafe 611^


02 Brooklyn, NY @ Kingsland^
03 Reading, PA @ Reverb^
04 Manchester, NH @ Jewel Music Venue^
05 Providence, RI @ Alchemy^
06 Hartford, CT @ Webster Underground^
07 Stanhope, NJ @ Stanhope House^
08 Philadelphia, PA @ Voltage Lounge^
09 Pittsburgh, PA @ Crafthouse^
10 Kent, OH @ The Outpost^
11 Lancaster, PA @ Chameleon Club+
12 Richmond, VA @ Canal Club^
13 Chesapeake, VA @ Riffhouse Pub^
14 Greensboro, NC @ NYP+
15 Columbia, SC @ New Brookland Tavern^
16 Augusta, GA @ Epicenter^
17 Jacksonville, FL @ Raindogs
18 Margate, FL @ O'Malley's^
19 Tampa, FL @ Pegasus Lounge^
21 Austin, TX @ Empire Control Room^
22 Fort Worth, TX @ Tomcats West^
23 El Paso, TX @ Rockhouse Bar & Grill+
24 Albuquerque, NM @ Launchpad^
25 Denver, CO @ Larimer Lounge^
26 Colorado Springs, CO @ Black Sheep^

* = w/ Kublai Khan
^ = w/ with Slaughter To Prevail, Bodysnatcher, Prison
+ = w/ Bodysnatcher

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