Ozzy Is "Getting A Lot Better" According to Sharon Osbourne

Wife and manager Sharon Osbourne gave an update on the Prince of Darkness's health during her appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live.

Ozzy Is "Getting A Lot Better" According to Sharon Osbourne

Fans across the world were saddened and disappointed to hear that Ozzy Osbourne would be canceling all 2019 tour dates and rescheduling them for 2020. While recovering from a bout of pneumonia, the former Black Sabbath frontman fell at his Los Angeles home, aggravating previous injuries from a 2003 ATV accident that required surgery.

Despite the traumatic accident, Ozzy's wife Sharon has now given fans hope that her husband will be back on the road in time for his 2020 dates to finish the second half of a two-year tour. On Wednesday's episode of Jimmy Kimmel Live!, Sharon explained, in detail, how the injury sidelined Ozzy:

"He got the flu, which led to pneumonia," she begins. "He gets up in the night, goes to the bathroom, comes back, falls on the rug and bashed his head on the side table. Then he went this way and bashed his head on the post of our bed, and down he went. He didn't put his hands down, and he went face down and his neck went back, and he had to have spinal surgery. He'd had a motorbike accident a few years ago and he had metal rods in his body. And the fall pushed the rods through his bones. So he had to have three major operations."

Sharon then goes on to give a new explanation for one of Ozzy's most famous nicknames: "Ozzy, the other day, put together an X-ray of his upper chest and his neck, and no wonder they call him 'Iron Man,' 'cause I tell you...he's got so much metal in his body, it's frightening."

Then Jimmy Kimmel asked the question that all fans want to know the answer to: Will Ozzy be well enough to tour in 2020? "He's getting a lot better, but it's been a very, very hard road," she explains.

Finally, Sharon also explained how Ozzy's new hit single with Post Malone, Take What You Want, came about: "Kelly knows Post's producer. And Post was a fan of Ozzy's, and he was doing all these different collaborations on his new album, and he asked Ozzy if he wanted to do it."

"Did Ozzy know who Post Malone was at that time?" asks Jimmy, to which the crowd laughs.

"Yeah," Sharon continues. "It was just great, they spoke to each other over Skype from the studio. Post was on the road, and Ozzy was in the studio with Post's producer, and literally it took 30 minutes -- done."

Watch the full appearance below:

We're certainly wishing the best for Ozzy, and rooting for him to get well soon! Here's to a healthy and successful 2020 tour.

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