Periphery Are Streaming Their New Album In Its Entirety

In response to leaks of their new album, IV: Hail Stan, progressive metallers Periphery are streaming their entire new album before its release this Friday.

Periphery Are Streaming Their New Album In Its Entirety

It looks like fans of progressive metal crew Periphery can listen to the band's new album, IV: Hail Stan, a little earlier than expected. After seeing that the album had leaked a number of times already, the Washington, DC, quintet decided to take matters into their own hands, and have streamed the album in its entirety.

The band announced their decision to purposefully jump the gun this morning on their Twitter:

They then followed up saying that fans outside the U.S. might have to wait one more day for the album:

Listen to Periphery's latest and spend your Sunday in league with Stan right here:

In his recent chat with Kerrang!, Periphery guitarist Jake Bowen discussed the play on words in the album's title, saying, "We like having fun with the music, and fun with the imagery, and just doing what we’re doing. I know that’s a lazy answer, but it’s true that…when we were naming the album, we went through hundreds and hundreds of possible titles, and when somebody said, ‘Hail Stan,’ we said, ‘That’s perfect — people are going to mess that up because people are going to say Hail Satan, and the imagery is going to suggest that it should say Hail Satan.’ It’s just us being silly about it in a subtle, or not so subtle way, depending on how you look at it.

"It can be a bit pretentious on our end to kind of, like, constantly be fucking with people," he continued. "But we’re constantly fucking with each other, so we want to share our senses of humor with everyone."

That said, Jake is also quick to mention that the band does love much of metal's dark side: "I think it’s easy to just assume Periphery is capable of writing certain types of melodies or ethereal-sounding passages or whatever, but a lot of the aspects about metal are not pleasant to listen to and fill you with a certain type of energy, so we really like exploring them. A few of us listen to some really brutal metal, and we always talk about how much fun it would be to do stuff like that. So to finally sit down and do it feels pretty good — it feels like a catharsis."

Periphery's IV: Hail Stan officially drops this Friday, 4/5, on the band's on 3DOT Recordings, and is available for pre-order.

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