Perry Farrell: Jane's Addiction Will Release New Material In 2021

Jane's Addiction have "so much material in the can" according to Perry Farrell.

Perry Farrell: Jane's Addiction Will Release New Material In 2021
Emily Carter
Jonathan Weiner

As well as celebrating his incredible and illustrious solo career in 2020 with a 35-year retrospective boxset, Perry Farrell has also seemingly been looking ahead to more work with Jane's Addiction.

After reuniting for their first public live performance in three years back in the summer, the Los Angeles alternative heroes will hopefully be properly back in action in 2021, with their frontman revealing that he's been working on new material – as well as having plenty of stuff already finished, too.

When asked by Classic Rock if we might get a new Jane's record – the follow-up to 2011's The Great Escape Artist – next year, Perry teases, “I wouldn’t think albums, I’d think songs.”

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He continues: “We’ve got so much Jane’s material in the can. We’ll be releasing a couple of tracks, maybe writing some new ones. Not this year, ’cause we’re getting late in the year. But I can tell you in the next month or so I’m gonna be finishing up a couple of Jane’s Addiction tracks.”

Speaking to Kerrang! about his creative process, Perry says that the biggest lesson he's learned about himself and the way he makes music is, “That if you stick with patience and quality, I don’t think you can go wrong. That when you give away your art, you want it to somehow affect the universe in a beautiful way.”

He also addressed the live music situation right now, firmly believing that “live music will weather the storm” of COVID-19.

“Live music will endure, and I want to put together the best party to make people happy and entertain them,” he enthuses. “It doesn’t always have to be a gigantic spectacle either. If you put together a quality gathering, it guarantees you eternity.”

For more from Perry, watch the musician In Conversation at the Kerrang! offices – back when we were allowed to interact with other humans…

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