The Kerrang! Chart

The Kerrang! Chart: The best new music this week

The ultimate new music countdown – every Friday!

The Kerrang! Chart: The best new music this week
Kerrang! staff
Paul Harries

Every Friday, you get bombarded with new music. To make it easier to get on board with the most killer stuff, we've digested it all, and curated the ultimate weekly chart.

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New highlights

Empire State Bastard – Harvest

Aaaaaaages ago, Simon Neil told us he was doing a metal band on the side from Biffy, with guitarist Mike Vennart, and that it had former Slayer drummer Dave Lombardo in it. This first blast from Empire State Bastard is exactly the sort of Mastodon/Converge/Fantomas-y noise we expected, though we couldn't have predicted just how caustic it would be. Lovely stuff.

GEL – Dicey

In all of 84 seconds here, GEL demonstrate beautifully why they're one of the most exciting hardcore bands on Earth right now. Their killer album, Only Constant, drops next week. It's all as raging, visceral, vital and violently fun as Dicey's blast of adrenaline. GEL rule, get on them right now.

Thy Art Is Murder – Until There Is No Longer

Until there is no longer what, Thy Art Is Murder? Anyway, the Australian deathcore smashers are back with (drum roll…) a really, really heavy banger. Surprises – don't you just hate them?

The Kerrang! Chart

1. Empire State Bastard – Harvest
2. GEL – Dicey
3. Thy Art Is Murder – Until There Is No Longer
4. Linkin Park – Fighting Myself
5. Skindred – Set Fazers
6. Handcuff – The Judge
7. Mammoth WVH – Another Celebration At The End Of The World
8. Redhook feat. Yours Truly – Imposter
9. BABYMETAL – Mirror Mirror
10. Saint Agnes – Bloodsuckers
11. Dorthia Cottrell – Harvester
12. Calligram – Ex-Sistere
13. Halflives – EVERYTHING SUCKS!
14. Immortal – War Against All
15. The St Pierre Snake Invasion – The Overlook
16. LØLØ feat. girlfriends – 5,6,7,8
17. Between You & Me – Nevermind
18. Callisto – Best Shot
19. Covet – lovespell
20. Resolve – Death Awaits

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