Rammstein Guitarists On New Album: "You Might Even Say It's Fun To Listen To"

In a recent interview, the German industrial act reveal that their new album is a new, enjoyable, infuriating group effort.

Rammstein Guitarists On New Album: "You Might Even Say It's Fun To Listen To"

As German industrial legends Rammstein prepare to release their first album in a decade this spring, many fans can't help but wonder what to expect. Ten years is a long time, and if there's one word that can't be used to describe the guys in Rammstein, it's 'predictable.'

Now, in a recent interview with Guitar World, guitarists Richard Kruspe and Paul Landers have discussed the album's sound, describing it as a new approach for the band, one that is even -- God help us -- fun.

“It’s not too sterile, not too clean,” says Paul. “It has a lot of life and energy in it, but it’s not all angry. The music is more than that. It’s different for Rammstein. You might even say it’s fun to listen to.”

"Everyone with a computer can make music at home," he continues. "You can program stuff and get nice-sounding drum programs and the sound is very good off the soundcards you have at home. That’s fine, but our goal was to have something that could never be done at home, where you really hear the humans behind the instruments. To see your drummer play when you work on songs and see there are real people involved in your band I think is good for us.”

Apparently, the process of writing the band's follow-up to 2009's Liebe Ist Für Alle Da was organic and surprising for all involved.

“I was sitting with Till [Lindemann], our singer, and to my great surprise he loved the stuff I was playing,” says Richard Kruspe. “We experimented a lot with certain kinds of harmony through the verses and a lot of melodic structures in the songs. I feel like we came up with great stuff that I wouldn’t have dreamed before could be Rammstein.”

That said, according to Paul, the creative process was still plenty frustrating at times.

“We never get along. Every time we get together, we fight. We are six guys and six opinions and we are all involved in everything, so we get angry. We’re not punching each other or anything. We try to just scream, but we’re not quite done yet. Hopefully we don’t have to punch and we can figure it out by talking.”

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