Album review: Green Druid – At The Maw Of Ruin

Green Druid keep the doom coming with their sophomore album, At The Maw Of Ruin

In a world where stoner doom bands are ten a penny, preparing to force their own varying rehashes of Witchcult Today and Dopesmoker into people’s ears, it’s as though they believe that with enough delay pedals and Orange amps their blatant plagiarism will be mistaken for something new and exciting, but they’re not fooling anyone. Denver’s Green Druid definitely don’t escape a few noticeable nods to Electric Wizard and Sleep on second album At the Maw Of Ruin. However, what sets them apart from their cohorts is that they’ve interspersed these more traditional passages with some genuinely fresh and exciting takes on the genre. 

When thinking about this particular type of music and the emotions attached to it, the words sleepy’, lazy’ or baked off your tits’ most likely spring to mind – anger certainly isn’t anywhere in there. However, this is exactly what Green Druid are bringing to the table. In their slowest moments, they sound fed up, lurching towards breaking point and, when they get there, they certainly don’t disappoint. The tempo becomes more erratic and the vocals shift from an echoed shamanistic chant to throaty demonic growls, creating a chaotic, frenzied atmosphere. 

There’s a skill in being able to shift gears so dramatically without becoming disjointed and it’s one that Green Druid have artfully mastered. According to the band, this fury is directed at enforcing change and cleansing the rot from the planet”, and not at the fact that the next time they play live they’ll probably be billed next to a band called Goat Weed Bong Wizard or something equally ridiculous. It makes for a genuinely interesting listen that will keep you on your toes from start to finish. 

Verdict: 3/5

For Fans Of: Electric Wizard, Sleep, Monolord

At The Maw Of Ruin is out now via Earache.

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Posted on December 7th 2020, 9:24a.m.
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