Album Review: Petlib. – Maker

A tale of creation from mind-bending Brit metallers Petlib.…

Ever imagined you’re the master of the universe? London trio Petlib. have. In fact, they became so enamoured with the idea that they’ve gone and written a whole concept album about exactly that. Thus, the plotline of Maker tells the story of a scientist who creates a universe in his own mind – and makes himself the god of it. Far from being a musical episode of Rick And Morty, the result is an ambitious record that demands beginning-to-end listening as it tells the story of the rise and demise of the scientist and his world.

The narrative flips between the outer and inner cosmos, and as it does, the music rolls from crushing beatdowns to electronic interludes and expansive post-rock. In its wholehearted commitment to the story it occasionally puts narrative before ease of listening, but it suits such big subject matter. And, for Petlib., if you want every song to be verse-chorus-verse jams, go create your own universe.

Verdict: KKKK

Posted on August 10th 2019, 10:00am
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