Rob Trujillo: 72 Seasons is one of Metallica’s “more important” albums

Metallica bassist Rob Trujillo has shared how “powerful” he thinks the band’s upcoming album 72 Seasons is – both musically and lyrically.

Rob Trujillo: 72 Seasons is one of Metallica’s “more important” albums
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With a couple more weeks to go until the release of Metallica’s highly-anticipated new album 72 Seasons, bassist Rob Trujillo has done a new interview for the band’s official website in which he opens up about the creative process, the mood within the band right now, and how “powerful” he thinks the record is.

Speaking with Steffan Chirazi, Rob calls 72 Seasons “one of the more important records” that Metallica have ever released, given what has gone into it and how frontman James Hetfield’s recent experiences have fed into the lyrics.

When asked about James “spilling his guts, lyrically and vocally”, Rob reveals, “I think we all had a pretty good idea that he would be sharing a story, an energy. With all of the impactful thoughts and what was going on in his world, it would almost be impossible for that not to happen. That’s also what makes this album great – what he’s gone through and how he’s had to grow. It’s almost like a rebirth in a lot of ways, because you’ve got to reconnect with your inner spirit, who you are, and what you’re about. And now you’re sending it, you’re bringing it, and you’re presenting it to us and eventually to the world, so it’s a very heavy thing for him. So at that point, I know it’s going to be a powerful record. This is going to be one of the more important records, I think, that Metallica’s ever made.”

The bassist adds that this feeling translates into the riffs, too, with the music having an extra level of impact given the emotions that have gone into them.

“You create what’s inside of you, what you’ve experienced in your life, and some of that is more powerful than others,” Rob continues. “That’s what 72 Seasons is. It has a lot of that energy in all of us. Every note we play is a statement that appears on this record. It’s coming from the heart and soul of who we are as individuals and where we were in this whole process, the growth of these songs, and everything. To me, every note that’s played is important on this record, and I believe people are going to feel that.”

Read the full interview here.

72 Seasons is due out on April 14, 2023 via Blackened Recordings.

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